Topics and teachers



The course will consist of lectures, tutorials and computer based exercises on the following subjects.

  • Genomics - next generation sequencing, database searching, advanced skills in data handling and bioinformatics
  • Population genomics - diversity, structure, connectivity and gene flow, population dynamics, adaptive variation
  • Environmental genomics - environment, genome interactions, ecogenomics, metagenomics and metagenetics
  • Functional genomics - genome structure, molecular evolution at the functional level, genomic architecture, functional networks
  • Comparative genomics - whole genome comparisons, concatenated phylogenies, genome organization, annotating genomic information, co-evolution

Lectures and discussions on applications, a simulation exercise, site visit and local excursion are scheduled.

Detailed program coming soon...





Jonas Collén, SB-Roscoff, FR

Simon Creer, Bangor Univ., UK

Yves Desdevises, OO-Banyuls, FR

Jakob Hemmer-Hansen, DTU-Aqua, DK

Erica Leder, Univ. Turku, Fi

Frédéric Partensky, SB-Roscoff, FR

Daniel Vaulot, SB-Roscoff, FR

Filip Volckaert, Univ. Leuven, BE

Mathias Wegner, AWI-Sylt, GE

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